Your software Verification & Validation

Early validation of a critical software is highly rewarding, for that Spoat range analyzes your code right from the start to give you a complete insight of it. This is made possible by our comprehensive and fully scriptable tool chain designed for non-expert programmers dealing with complex computational systems.
Current range of Spoat products is composed of Spoat-Vulnerability which performs automatic detection of numerical issues, and Spoat-Trust which builds reliable benchmark for numerical functions.
For a portable description please download the online brochure.

Spoat-Vulnerability functional specifications

The goal of Spoat-Vulnerability is to find any vulnerabilities on variables, blocks, functions, modules of your code. Vulnerabilities can be a drift of the numerical accuracy, unstable code, risky cast, etc. To do so Spoat-Vulnerability relies on dynamic, static and statistical analysis (if used along Spoat-Trust). Dynamic analysis allows you to find:
  • Numerical drift on any variable
  • Unstable tests (divergent executions)
  • Incorrect casts
Static analysis allows you to:
  • Discover the domain of each variable
  • Find the maximum error possible
  • Measure the sensitivity to inputs
Statistical analysis (combined with Spoat-Trust) allows you to do:
  • Static analysis done as if it was already on the specific hardware
  • Cross-validation of results
  • Safe under-approximation

Spoat-Trust functional specifications

The objective of Spoat-Trust is to characterize the numerical behavior of external libraries (closed-source or not) or specific hardware. In particular, statistical analysis allows to know:
  • Accuracy of any operator or a small function
  • Minimal number of tests required to build a reproducible benchmark for numerical validation
  • Benchmark generation

Technical specifications of the Spoat range

Current versions of the tools within the Spoat range have the following technical specifications:
  • C/C++/Ada2012 languages
  • For Linux platform (Debian stable and other)
  • Available scriptable interface
  • Display of results through an easy to use, optional, GUI
  • Design to operate on basic workstation (multi-core with less than 12 Go of RAM)
If you use some specific or custom made programming language or library we can also interface our tools with it. Please get in touch with our team through our email so we can explore how to add the necessary support.

Available services with the software license

Along with the license of our tools we provide several services in order to make your software engineers experience as smooth as possible. In particular, we provide the following services:
  • Training (on demand)
  • Technical support (subscription)
  • Emergency maintenance (subscription)
  • Preventive maintenance (subscription)
  • Continuous improvement (subscription)
  • Operational development (on demand)
For any questions on these services please reach us using through the Contact page.