About us

For the last twenty years, engineers in the embedded software industry have experienced and tackled the issue of numerical accuracy manually. In the aerospace industry numerical stability is a topic of investigation. However manual inquiries require a lot of expertise and time to be carried out properly. As embedded software size is growing, manual methods are becoming harder to implement and a more automated way is required.

The Numalis leitmotiv

Creating a tool which improves calculation’s reliability and increases the performance of the vehicle, the communication and the protection systems we use … It’s a challenge!
Arnault Ioualalen, Matthieu Martel and Nicolas Normand, have decided to take it up! Combining their skills and their expertise, they created Numalis in 2015 in order to industrialize more than 20 years of R&D based on the automatic improvement of computer programs reliability. 

Established within the Business Innovation Center of Montpellier, ranked as the second-leading startup incubator in the world, Numalis’ team has grown from3 IT experts to 12 people, with advanced technical profiles. Theirambition has been rewarded several times (8 rewards between 2014 and 2019, especially the 2019 Start-up of the year award!), and is supported by economic agents such as Airbus, Pégase Croissance, GICAT, CNES, and a SATT.

Numalis’ innovation knows no borders. The company has forged numerous relationships with its ecosystem to work on a cross-functional approach of reliability and performance. Numalis’ vision is to work together with sensitive industries to turn their current innovations into products of the future. 

It’s with this in mind that Numalis has developed the first tool able to detect vulnerabilities and to automatically offer improvement lines. Numalis tools are both a design aid for engineers and a solution to reduce costs, effort and time spent to optimize code manually. 
Numalis fields application concern critical sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace and defense.

Together, we build tomorrow’s systems trust and performance.

An adventure rewarded many times over

Numalis has won eight major awards since its creation:

  • January 2019 - 2019 Ad’occ start-up of the year award 
  • October 2017 - Best ISSERE’17 papier in the industry category 
  • Agust 2017 - MEDEF innovation award
  • June 2015 - NETVA award 
  • December 2014 - “Coup de pousse en Graine d’entrepreneur” award 
  • July 2014 - CREACC award - “Coup de coeur” 
  • July 2014 - iLab award in the “Emergence category”
  • March 2014 - AEF “Best PhD Entrepreneur” award

An international visibility

Numalis is also present in the international standardization committees and in the most important international trade fairs in the aeronautics, aerospace and defence sectors:

  • From 11th to 15th of June 2018 - Eurosatory: first international exhibition for land and air defence and security, Exhibition park of Paris Nord Villepinte
  • From 17th to 23rd of June 2019 – Le Bourget trade fair: Aeronautics and Space International trade fair, Le Bourget Exhibition park
  • In the French delegation in the ISO/IEC JTC1 / SC42 on artificial intelligence