Validate your software

Engineers may spend hours controlling the accuracy of their software. With Numalis the numerical validation is done automatically in a matter of minutes!
This is made possible by our comprehensive and fast tool chain designed for programmers who are not experts.

Automate your test plans

Any delay in production costs money and any error can lead to very high costs. Many engineers use manual tests to validate the numerical aspect of their calculations. At present, to detect numerical deviations, each formula is tested with as many inputs as possible, and assessed for stability and accuracy, but it is almost impossible to test everything in a given time frame. Moreover, such tests are empirical, take a long time and do not cover all possible scenarios.

With the Numalis automatic checker, you improve both productivity and reliability. Our in-depth system of validation allows your engineers to easily control the numerical quality of calculations both at the program-level and at instruction-level.

Available for floating and fixed-point arithmetics

The way calculations are carried out depends on your needs. When constraints come from the hardware, fixed-point arithmetic is preferred; when high-speed calculation is needed, small floating-point precision numbers are useful. However, numerical accuracy cannot be controlled in the same way depending on the arithmetic being used. Also, no accuracy results can be extended to the other.

Numalis allows you to easily check the accuracy of any program using either floating-point or fixed-point arithmetic. You can analyze the impact on the accuracy depending of the representation you choose.

Check the accuracy in any context

Today’s complex systems are composed of many parts that sometimes are not written in the same language. To check the overall accuracy can be quite a challenge. Indeed, the choices made about each part can be very different. For example, each library used in your program will induce different accuracies.

With Numalis tools you can finally check the accuracy of your program irrespective of the language you decide to use (e.g. C, C++ or ADA). Also we can provide unique insight on the impact of the numerical libraries linked to your software.

If you use some custom made language or library we can also interface our tools with it, please get in touch with our team through

Simple and intuitive

Facing a numerical accuracy issue is a challenge quite different from traditional debugging. From displaying values without rounding-errors to accurately comparing values inside a safe context, this task could be time-consuming, error prone and required significant expertise.

Numalis provides graphical and command-line tools to extract and present in a user-friendly way data. A simple button allows you to observe signed, absolute or relative errors with ease on any variable or function, at any time and place in the source code. You also can build a trace of the accuracy along the execution to immediately find critical path for your accuracy loss.