Optimize your software

Numalis empowers your software engineers with the first-ever spellchecker for calculations. Do not waste any more time or resources, now that you can obtain automatically the correct optimization matching your needs.
Our solutions are able to easily generate textual patches for your software that reduce numerical deviations, while improving performances.

Better results, better decisions

Numerical calculations are at the heart of many decisions; they can impact profitability as well as operational safety. Increasing their accuracy and reliability during the development phase can be highly rewarding. The challenge is about improving accuracy without having to change everything in your program and losing your previous validation steps.

Numalis tools are the first to improve the accuracy of any program without changing its operational behavior, so you will have better results without risking any software regression.

Acceleration without accuracy loss

Performance and accuracy are the two opposing challenges when carrying out numerical calculations. Smaller precision can dramatically improve performance but can also have catastrophic effect on the results itself. Until now, the only solution was to choose one over the other.

But it is now possible to have both. Our innovative tools offer the best balance between performance and accuracy, by considerable optimization of your algorithms. In doing so, you will deploy automatically the fastest programs while ensuring they have sufficient accuracy.

Cross-contextual optimization

Optimization efficiency depends on the context of the execution. Today, discovering the different contexts of execution of a piece of software can only be achieved by manual analysis and testing. This task can be very time-consuming and adapting the optimizations to the context is almost intractable. It is hard to know if the set of context is large enough to cover all scenarios but small enough to be tractable.

With Numalis tools you can discover automatically the regime your software operates in, and we automatically produce recommendations on the segmentation you should use in order to improve accuracy. By using both static and dynamic analysis, our tools operate on clear and relevant information about your software and produce tailored optimization for it.

Simple and intuitive

Current optimization tools are used as black boxes, and the code they generate is almost impossible to read by anyone. Therefore, a great deal of trust is necessary to integrate them in working tool chains. These tools give you little control and not many ways to understand and improve upon them. Your only source of information rests in the provided documentation (if any) and on the reverse engineering you may be able to do.

Our goal at Numalis is to give your engineers the means to understand how we improve their software. Our optimizer proposes program patches at the source code level. We provide detailed and comprehensive information along with suggestion of correction that respects the syntax, naming conventions, general look and feel of the source code, and much more. Our tool will allow non-experts on accuracy issues to become more and more efficient and autonomous on this issue.